Shipping & Payment Information (Sorted By Country)

Country/Location Continent Expedited & Standard Airmail Paypal Realtime Banking Western Union Bank Transfer
Aaland Islands Europe          
Afghanistan Asia          
Albania Europe      
Algeria Africa      
American Samoa Oceania          
Andorra Europe      
Angola Africa      
Anguilla N.America      
Antigua and Barbuda N.America      
Argentina S.America        
Armenia Asia      
Aruba N.America      
Australia Oceania      
Austria Europe    
Azerbaijan Asia      
Azores (Portugal) Europe          
Bahamas N.America      
Bahrain Asia      
Bangladesh Asia          
Barbados N.America      
Belarus/ Byelorussia Europe          
Belgium Europe    
Belize N.America      
Benin Africa      
Bermuda N.America      
Bhutan Asia      
Bolivia S.America      
Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles) N.America          
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe      
Botswana Africa      
Brazil S.America      
British Virgin Islands N.America      
Brunei Asia      
Bulgaria Europe      
Burkina Faso Africa      
Burundi Africa      
Cambodia Asia      
Cameroon Africa          
Canada N.America      
Canary Islands (Spain) Africa          
Cape Verde Africa      
Cayman Islands N.America      
Central African Republic Africa          
Chad Africa      
Channel Islands Europe          
Chile S.America      
China Asia              
Colombia S.America      
Comoros Africa      
Congo (Zaire) Africa      
Cook Islands Oceania      
Costa Rica N.America      
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa          
Croatia Europe      
Cyprus Asia      
Czech Republic Europe      
Denmark Europe      
Djibouti Africa      
Dominica N.America      
Dominican Republic N.America      
East Timor Africa            
Ecuador S.America      
Egypt Africa          
El Salvador N.America      
England (United Kingdom) Europe          
Equatorial Guinea Africa          
Eritrea Africa      
Estonia Europe      
Ethiopia Africa      
Falkland Islands Oceania          
Faroe Islands Europe      
Fiji Oceania      
Finland Europe      
France Europe      
French Guiana S.America      
French Polynesia Oceania      
Gabon Africa  

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